Application sectors

The world around us is populated by objects that interact with us and with the environment through their surface.

Since with nanotechnologies we can realistically think of bringing a structural improvement to the surface of any object, it follows that the applications are innumerable and advantageous in all technological and market sectors.

Some examples are reported, grouped by technology sector, for the sole purpose of giving an idea of ​​the extraordinary variety of opportunities offered by these new techniques.


Laser optics, architectural glasses and mirrors, absorbent and reflective coatings, selective glasses, etc.


Conductors, contacts, isolators, printed circuits, control equipment components, photovoltaic cells, etc.


Lubricating films, anti-wear, anti-erosion and anti-friction coatings, diffusion barriers, hard coatings for tools, etc.


Biocompatible or bioneutral coatings for prostheses, surgical instruments.


Anti-corrosion and catalytic coatings, battery components, components for marine use, etc.


Water repellent fibers, fibers with increased absorption, iridescent fibers.


Exclusive items, watches, glasses, taps, domestic electrical components, kitchen tools, etc.