Basic skills

Innovation and quality inspire our way of working.

Experiment, define processes and industrialize to produce in an economical way at the set quality levels.

We are able to guide our customers towards the most convenient choice.


Applied research

The collaboration with university institutes and cutting-edge research centers in the field of surface physics feeds our propensity and ability to develop product innovation.

SuNaGen’s task is not to do pure research, but to find solutions and ways to generate practical and industrially producible applications.

Constant updating and the possibility of experimenting quickly constitute
the prerequisites for guaranteeing the highest success rate.

Process engineering and sampling

The possibility of experimenting and performing sampling using machines already prepared for industrial production allows rapid definition of production processes, since the experimentation is carried out with the same means that will be adopted for mass production.

At the end of this activity our Customers will have the possibility to choose whether to proceed with the necessary investments to internally produce or delegate, possibly for a limited period of time, the production to SuNaGen.

SuNaGen will help you make the best decision.


Process expertise, together with the availability of powerful and easily adaptable production means, make SuNaGen a reliable and competitive partner.

We can satisfy requests ranging from the production of small lots to the supply of quantities in the order of millions of pieces / year.

Above all our obsession with constant quality and without compromise.